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Experience the future of braces with LightForce - a revolutionary treatment that uses 3D printing technology for fully customized, precise results. Dr. Michelle Stepanek and Dr. Christine Stepanek create a treatment plan made just for you, so you can get a beautiful, healthy smile that you feel great about!

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Why should I get lightforce braces?


With the advanced technology used in LightForce braces, the brackets are precisely placed on the teeth for more accurate and effective results.


LightForce braces use advanced 3D technology to design and create custom brackets for each patient, leading to faster and more efficient treatment times.


Lightforce brackets are clear, making them seamlessly blend in with your smile.

Our Process

Here's how it works


First, Drs. Stepanek will take a series of digital scans to capture the full scope of your smile.



These scans will be used to create virtual models of your custom brackets. Then, they’ll be 3D printed and ready to apply to your smile.



After gluing the brackets onto your teeth and placing the wires, Drs. Stepanek will use color ties to connect them together.



You’ll visit Drs. Stepanek every 8-12 weeks to tighten the braces and ensure treatment is going smoothly.


You've Got Options

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  • LightForce braces are 100% customized from the ground up, providing a more precise and efficient treatment.
  • Patients who use LightForce braces have a 37% shorter treatment time compared to regular braces.
  • LightForce braces mean less time stopping by for check-ups. Typically, you’ll only need to come to our office every 8-12 weeks.
  • LightForce braces are fixed onto your teeth, which means they work 24 hours a day to give you the results you’re looking for.
  • Color ties can be added to LightForce braces, allowing you to add a pop of personality to your orthodontic treatment.


  • It takes around 5 weeks to get your LightForce braces made and delivered.
  • Oral hygiene can take more time and effort due to the brackets and wires.
  • There are some food restrictions that should be followed during treatment.
  • LightForce braces may be partially visible on the teeth.
  • You may experience soreness in the teeth and cheeks, especially after adjustments.

Bespoke Smile Experience

How we elevate your treatment

At Twin Teeth Orthodontics, we believe that every smile is unique and deserves a personalized treatment plan. Drs. Stepanek use state-of-the-art technology to create a smile that is perfectly tailored to your unique facial features and smile goals. From smile arc creation to occlusion, we take a comprehensive approach to give you the beautiful, natural smile you deserve.

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Real results

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Braces for Severe Crowding

Braces for Severe Crowding

Braces for Spacing

Braces for Severe Crowding

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about LightForce braces? We’ve got you covered.

Am I a good candidate for LightForce braces?

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Almost anyone who can get traditional braces can also get LightForce braces! Our in-person and virtual consultations make it easy to find out if LightForce braces are the best choice for your orthodontic needs and goals.

How do LightForce braces differ from traditional braces?

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With LightForce braces, your treatment is taken to a whole new level of personalization. These braces are designed to fit your teeth like a glove, making your experience as efficient and comfortable as possible. Unlike traditional braces, which use pre-made brackets, LightForce brackets are 3D-printed just for you! That means we have more control over the treatment process, resulting in a healthier, happier smile.

Can I still get colors with LightForce braces?

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Absolutely. You can fuse some fun into your orthodontic treatment by adding color ties to your LightForce braces. Feel free to pick whichever one best suits your style!

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